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I am a qualitative researcher, skilled writer, storyteller, and creative thinker. I am interested in making science and technology genuine contributors to social and environmental justice, especially in relation to public health, biomedicine, and the environment. Drawing on an interdisciplinary background in biology (BSc), biotechnology (MSc), and science communication (Graduate Diploma), I completed an MA and a PhD in Science & Technology Studies (AKA Science, Technology and Society or STS). In addition to my experience in research and administration in biomedical research institutions, I have worked for science museums and practiced science journalism and editorial work.


I am the main researcher in the Diseased Landscapes project, a collaborative effort between the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society (InSIS) at the University of Oxford (UK), the Interdisciplinary Center for Development Studies (Cider) at Universidad de los Andes (Colombia), and the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at King's College London (UK). My current book project is concerned with public health regulations, therapeutic technologies, medical practices, and biomedical knowledge production in contexts of war and post-conflict scenarios. Specifically, it is an ethnography that explores a vector-borne disease called leishmaniasis and its entanglements with the armed conflict, as well as the aspirational logics of peace in the Colombian context. 


Skills include writing and grant writing; editing; oral communication; research and information gathering; analytical and critical thinking; community-based participatory research; project design and management; journalism; curation and design of exhibitions; event organization; English, Spanish, French, and German; cross-cultural competency.

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